The Department of Veterans Affairs or JHEV was established on October 11, 2000. It  is placed under the administration of the Ministry of Defence Malaysia. JHEV officially began its operations on January 1, 2001, the main office is located at Medan Tuanku, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur. The main objective is to help the Malaysian Armed Forces veterans to enhance their socio-economic status after completing service in the ATM.

The functions of JHEV are as follows:

  1. To draft policies to protect the interests of MAF veterans in addition to enhancing their socio-economic status and welfare.
  2. To manage and monitor the retirement benefits and medical reimbursement claims of MAF veterans.
  3. To plan and implement the DVA Welfare and Education Aid Scheme as follows:
    • Cost of living assistance;
    • Schooling aid;
    • Medical equipment aid;
    • Assistance to enter institute of higher learning;
    • Natural disaster aid.
  4. To monitor the implementation of the pre-resettlement, resettlement and post-resettlement courses/training conducted by PERHEBAT.
  5. To assist MAF veterans to secure second employment in the public and private sectors.
  6. To assist in procuring entrepreneurial opportunities and facilities as well as to coordinate assistance from appropriate government departments and agencies.
  7. To foster and maintain public awareness of the contributions and sacrifices of MAF veterans.