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1.  Do JHEV recognize associations / organizations / clubs established by the Veterans ATM?
JHEV recognized associations / organizations / clubs established by the Veterans ATM as long as it is registered with The Registrar of Societies under the Societies Act 1966.
2.  Is there any privileges given by the Government to the Veterans ATM?
  In addition to assistance schemes by JHEV, all categories of ATM Veterans eligible for free medical care at the hospital /government clinics, according to the criteria set out by the Ministry of Health
3. Are Veterans ATM can get free treatment at the National Heart Institute (IJN)?
  ATM Veterans eligible for free treatment. Nevertheless ATM Veterans seeking treatment at IJN should first examined and then referenced by any government hospital.
4.  What is the difference between the role Affairs Corporation Former Armed Forces (PERHEBAT) with JHEV?
  From 2002 PERHEBAT will only run on the role as a training center and courses to prospective pensioners forces, including the army of the former Veterans JHEV ATM.Manakala will act in matters relating to the welfare, job matching service (job matching), development, payment of pensions to veterans ATM line with a role as a one-stop agency.
5.  What is Government hospital / clinic ?
  Any hospital / clinic administered by the government includes any university hospitals and other Foundation Medical Federation. (RSAT and HAT are included in this definition)
6.  How about the Homeguard, State and Territorial Defense Force at the weekend?
  All of them are non-veterans ATM as set definition. This means JHEV not have jurisdiction power to deal with their problems.
7. How to become a member of the Veterans ATM?
  Malaysian citizens who had participated in any of the security services such as ATM, Reserve Force ATMs are deployed full-time, Force 136, Sarawak Rangers & the British Army who served in Malaya / Singapore.Veterans are eligible for ATM to get services from JHEV.
8.  How many of the Veterans ATM?
  Their number is estimated at 450,000 people. On an average of 5,000 ATM permanent members leave services every year.
9.  JHEV has Veterans Affairs Advisory Council of the National ATM and in all states. What is the Council's role?
  Advisory Council of Veteran Affairs (MPHEV) at national and state levels as a platform for identify problems and solutions suitable to be carried out by national JHEV and state. This is because, MPHEV staffed by government bodies and the private sector. MPHEV chaired by the Minister of National Defence and the State MPHEV was chaired by State EXCO related.
10 Who are categorized as ATM Veterans?
  Malaysian citizens who have full-time service in the security forces comprising of former members:
                      i. Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM);
                   ii. ATMs Reserve Force deployed full-time;
                 iii. Team Force 136;
                 iv. British Army who served in Malaya / Singapore (British Army), and
                   v. Sarawak Rangers


1.  How do I get Pension Statements this year?
JHEV only produce annual returns in the following year (Pension Statements for the Year 2011 will be delivered in 2012). Pension Statement can be found online. Revised pension statement for the year 2010 shall be made on the page For users who are registered from January 3, 2010, users can access the system using the user id and the same password is used for this JHEV website.
        While users who registered before January 3, 2010, users can access the system using the id the same user used for website JHEV BUT temporary password is password.  After logging in, the user must update the profile by entering the information needed to generate a pension statement.
  2. Should I include a copy of Service Record Book when applying for reimbursement medicine?
Service Record Book is required to update the latest information sir / madam into JHEV system.  However, your application / madam still be processed even if no service record book slinan if sir / madam  are pensioners pensioner.
3. Qualifications eligible for Medical Benefits of JHEV.
    Malaysian citizens who have worked full-time in any of the following services; 

a. Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM service for at least 3 years)
                         B. TEAM RESERVE THE deployed ATM FULL TIME (SERVED AT LEAST ONE YEAR)
 i. Yourself
 ii. Wife / Husband and Wife / husband who married legally registered in service and whose names appear in the Book of Confessions and Card Services Ex.
 iii. Wife / husband who married after retirement only be entitled to a medical facility as long as ATM Veterans Veterans still alive or if the ATM has died, the qualifying period of 12 ½ years calculated from the date of retirement of the ATM Veterans.
iv. Children are counted dependents Veteran ATM own child and includes an adopted child, stepchild and an illegitimate child who is fully preserved by veterans of the subject ATM following age limits;
v. Aged under 18 years
vi. Under 21 years old if still studying.
vii. No age limit for disabled children / da'eef / mental retardation (special children).
viii. If children are born normal but have suffered disability / retardation later (caused by fever, accidents, etc.) at the age above 18 years, Veterans ATM to get supporting documents or confirmation of registration from the Department of Social Welfare and government doctors confirmation that disability / retardation is permanent.
                B. FORMER MEMBERS OF NON ATM
           a. Team Force 136
           b. British Army who served in Malaya / Singapore and;
           c. Sarawak Rangers
           i. Yourself
           ii. Wife / Husband
C. How the arrangement fee to the Veterans Disability Benefits ATM?
            Disability benefits paid only for injury / disability are interlinked with the current job
            in service.
                DISABILITY PENSION
· If the assessed disability 20% and above, retirees can be paid disability pension. It will be paid when retirees terminate service based on substantive rank salary during injury.
· Disability pension will be stopped when the pensioner dies. If the pensioner dies as a result of disability suffered, his dependents shall be paid pension dependents. For this purpose the "post mortem" is needed to determine whether the death was interlinked with the disability or not.
· Percentage of assessed disability of less than 20%, pensioners will be paid only once during Disability Rewards terminate.
                Revision PERCENT DISABILITY
· If retirees feel that the disability is becoming increasingly harmful, retirees may request that the percentage of disability is assessed. Retirees can contact JHEV for coordination with DRC or CPC for these purposes.
· If the percentage of disability assessed 100%, retirees Always Care Allowance can be paid at the rate of RM440.00 per month after getting the approval of the Army Angkata (MAT). This allowance will cease when the retiree dies.
· If retirees receiving disability pension at a fixed rate arrangement of two children he can be given education allowance of not more than RM685.00 per year.
· Conditions of the grant of this allowance:
1. Child has reached the age of 6 years.
2. In family circumstances require.
3. MAT is satisfied that the subject will benefit the child.
4. For children over the age of 21 years and to benefit higher education, MAT may approve a higher amount.
            5. This allowance will cease when one of the above conditions are not met.
            If certified by the Medical Board refused retiree medical, surgical or rehabilitation, MAT can
            reduce his disability pension.
4. If the Veteran died ATM, what death benefits to be paid to families Veterans ATM?
 i. If the officer or member dies in service and death is not interlinked with the task, the liabilities will be paid Pension Issues and issue or pension Rewards and Remuneration Dependant Dependant.
ii. If death is interlinked with duties, the liability can be paid in addition Dependants Pension Pension Issues.
 iii. If a pensioner dies, the dependents or next of kin should contact JHEV immediately to enable retired and deceased service pension transferable to dependents pay as pension issues.
  iv. Documentation by the widow. If a pensioner dies, the dependents must provide the following documents and forwarded to the Pensions Division, JHEV for action:
a. Original pension card / 2 copies of pension card / 2 copies of Confessions Book Services.
b. Copy of the identity card or the widow pension recipients.
c. Copy of Death Certificate retirees.
d. Copy of identity card or birth certificate retirees children under the age of 21 and unmarried.
e. Copy of Marriage Certificate or Divorce Letter (if divorced) in the deceased's widow.
f. The original copy of the Confirmation Letter from Commissioner of Oaths Child Care, the Court or Office
          Kadhi nearby (if divorced or widow of deceased children cared for by someone else).
g. Copy of the front page of the passbook and Entry Form Pension Payment Systems Through
         Bank (BQ-BP-03) which was confirmed by a Bank Officer concerned.
h. Liabilities to Person Information Form Deceased Retired Military (BQ-BP-04) which was
         completed and verified.
a. When the child has reached the age of 21 or married or have completed their undergraduate studies at institutions of higher learning. For
         handicapped children, the pension is for life.
b. 12 ½ years from the date of retirement if the marriage after retirement.
a. If death occurs in service, the pension will drop after 12 ½ years from the date of death.
b. If death occurs within 12 ½ years from the date of retirement, the pension will drop after 12 ½ from the date
c. If death occurs after 12 ½ years from the date of retirement, the pension will drop immediately. Beginning January 1 **
          2009, Pension Issues and Dependants' Pensions that have been written about 30% will be increased to
           If the widow is the recipient of Dependants' Pensions at a fixed rate in accordance with Order 6 or 9, his son may be given allowances
           lesson of not more than RM685.00 per year.
5. How does giving benefits to Veteraan Leave Replacement ATM?
May be granted to officers and men who have enough length of service at the date of the respective TTP or officer / member who died (paid to dependents) during the ATM service except for official terminated because of misconduct or termination of service of members of the disciplinary offense . The balance of accumulated annual leave shall leave that was not spent in the current year in the interest of service (maximum 150 days).
6. What are the problems faced by soldiers after retirement from service?
i. If retired divorced, any retirement benefits after the death of deceased will only be paid to children under the age of 21 years, including children with disabilities.
ii. Pension will be paid through a valid babysitter and pension funds will be administered by the Public Trustee.
iii. Baby sitter should obtain written confirmation from the Commissioner of Oaths child care, the Court or the nearest office of qadi to be eligible to receive a pension for the child.
 i. If retirees ATM found bankrupt or imprisoned, the pension will be terminated immediately.
 ii. However, retirees or dependents may be paid Dependent Maintenance Allowance (ETN) is equivalent to the service pension and gratuity which he should receive after deducting the debts. This ETN Payment must get approval MAT.
iii. For processing for payment ETN MAT paper, the following documents are required:
· Personal details retirees.
· A copy of the order acceptance and condemnation.
· A copy of the instructions pension deduction / rewards from the Official Assignee OR consent of the bankrupt for the deduction.
· Copies of "Proof Of Debt General Form" (Total debt).
** Upon discharge from bankruptcy / penjaran, Pension Services will be repaid.
                                      APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE OF A VALID
i. Retirees or pensioners of the sick or incapable of managing pension funds can appoint personal representatives of their family members who believed.
ii. Personal representative will be given approval to membuatn tunutan pensions for the retirees / pensioners every month.
iii. The terms of a legal personal representative of the following:
· Retired / pension recipients under Scheme B only.
· Pensioners / Pensions recipient under age 70 must submit the Letter of Confirmation of Illness Doctor.
· Personal Representative must be a Malaysian citizen aged 18 years and above. Please attach a copy of the identification card when applying for a personal representative.
· Only authorized individuals only account (account retirees / pensioners).
· Please attach a copy of the bank passbook account if changes.
· Notes: * Approval of Personal Representative is valid for 12 months sahaja.Sekiranya change of address please notify the Pensions Division, JHEV immediately.
1. What job fields that are commonly offered by employers to JHEV?
Field of employment that are often accepted by JHEV from employers is that the areas of safety, drivers and other employment areas elektronik.Manakala is subject to availability at the company.
2. What JHEV efforts to help our veterans ATM ATM to get a job in the public sector?
Career and Economics (BKS) JHEV constant contact with government agencies to discuss employment opportunities could be provided to the Veterans ATM. For now, JHEV was offered empty for Veterans from the Police, RELA, and also JAKIM. Further information about the vacant positions can be found on the website JHEV.
3. How does the procedure work Career and Economics (BKS) in order to get a job to Veterans ATM as a second career after they terminate later?
1. BKS accept registration applications for employment from Veterans ATM.
2. Receive job offers from employers.
3. Make adjustments based on the job requirements and criteria specified / required by the employer.
4. Veterans nomination ATM advance to the employer.
5. Inform the date of interview to Veterans ATM
6. Perform continuous monitoring of ATM Veterans and employers.
4. As an employer, how does the process for energy work?
Employers who are interested in sourcing manpower from among Veterans ATM may contact at the address and online JHEV below:
Economics Division
Level 2,
301, Medan Tuanku,
Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman,
50100 Kuala Lumpur
No. Phone: 03-20508027 / 8028
The employer also should outline the following points when offering any kind of office in relation to a JHEV empty.
1. Name of vacancies.
2. Total vacancies.
3. Qualifications or conditions required.
4. Salaries and allowances given.
5. Other facilities such as insurance, loans, accommodation, transport and other
6. Name a human resources officer or manager responsible for the contact with no. telephone, no. fax and complete address of the employer.
7. Other criteria may be, if any.
1. Are Veterans ATM is free of charge for the courses organized by the Transition Post PERHEBAT?
ATM veteran selected to attend courses organized by the Post Transition PERHEBAT will only be charged at RM10 per day if they need food and accommodation facilities provided by PERHEBAT.Manakala cost of the course of study will be funded entirely by PERHEBAT.
2. What is the process for applying for funding the Veterans ATM courses organized by private training providers?
ATM Veterans interested in applying for funding should of course come to the headquarters JHEV (Career Guidance Section) and bring the documents to complete the following:
1. Letter from veterans for loan application course.
2. Offer letter with quotes (course fees)
3. Copies of the Service
4. Copy of Ex
5. Copies of relevant certificates
Further applications will be processed for approval of the JHEV. For more information, you may contact the online Career Bmbingan 03-20508027 / 8028
3. Can Veterans pursuing long-term ATM (Transition Training Course) if interested in any course which is not offered in the Post Transition course schedule?
ATM Veterans can apply for long term courses but will be charged RM10 per day if need facilities such as accommodation and sajian.Bayaran PERHEBAT shall be paid during the registration at PERHEBAT.
4. Do JHEV provide lots of agricultural land?
JHEV not provide lots of agricultural land, what to do is make the score JHEV lots of vacant land at the land office issued a letter berkenaan.Jabatan only support for application only.
5. Do JHEV provide project opportunities for contractors Veterans ATM?
JHEV not provide project opportunities Veterans ATM contractors are advised to check the mark advertisements in major newspapers and opportunity to participate in the tender.
6. Do JHEV provide business loans?
JHEV not provide business loans, however JHEV support business loan applications made to the provider institutions pinjaman.Untuk noting that JHEV become mentors to BSN Microcredit Scheme for a business loan is not more than Rs 20,000.
7. What JHEV role in the development of agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries undertaken by Veterans ATM?
To develop ATM Veterans involved in the sector, JHEV connect entrepreneurs with relevant departments to seek advice.
1. Do JHEV provide public assistance Admission / ATM Polytechnic for veteran children studying in private institutions?
JHEV provide assistance Admission to universities and polytechnics government alone.
2. Does the scheme have a limit patient equipment or calculating income level Poverty Line (PL) such other assistance schemes?
Equipment Support Scheme patient is not tied to any other scheme requirements and are eligible for pensionable and non-pensionable veterans. Scheme is open to all veterans and is based on a doctor's certification of the equipment requirements.
All applications must be accompanied by a medical memo from a government doctor to confirm the need for the equipment. Picture the patient's condition can be attached to support the needs of affected equipment.
3. My son is studying primary and primary schools will expire this year. Do I need to apply for school aid for secondary school level?
Yes. Help School has two levels, primary and secondary schools.
If the children have completed primary school, children need to re-apply the same level of assistance in secondary
4. My son receive the aid. Can I apply for my child's school aid for the other?
School aid is given to a child for one family only.
5. What type of assistance schemes available?
There are five types of Welfare and Education Assistance Scheme, namely:
Assisted Living
Help School
Admission Help Public Higher Learning Institutions (IPTA) / Polytechnic
Tools Help Patients
Disaster Relief
6. What are the basic eligibility requirements for Living Assistance Scheme?
      i. Scheme is given special assistance to veterans / dependents that are weak, sick, disability and chronic diseases based on eligibility calculated poverty line income (PLI).
      ii. Aged 60 years and over by age seniors adopted by the Department of Social Welfare except pain that prevents employment of disability such as paralysis and physical / mental.
    iii. Widow
    iv. Orphans under the age of 18 years or until the end of the first degree level continuously if still studying.
7. I was an orphan. My sisters 5. My sister is there a disabled since birth. Can I apply for subsistence aid for my sister?
Yes, Assisted Living can be applied by the legal guardian of the law.
8. I understand coins to help limit patient equipment is Rs 5000.00 per person. I made a purchase of equipment worth Rs 5000.00, will I be able to refund the Rs 5000.00?
Limit coins for Patient Equipment Assistance Scheme is RM 5000.00
JHEV will give refunds if the veteran has purchased its own equipment recommended by the patient's medical officer of the government with a valid receipt.
9. I would like to apply for disaster assistance for flood my house the other day. What are some ways to apply for aid?
Disaster Assistance is financial assistance to help the veteran or widow in the event of a disaster that destroys the original structure of home ownership veteran, spouse or widow.
Disasters are categorized whether due to natural factors such as floods, landslides, storm or fire. Police reports, confirmation village chief with the fire report (if any) should be submitted to confirm the incident. Photos may be submitted in support of the incident the incident involved.
10. I have applied to school aid for the year 2010 in the month of May But my application to be included for 2011. Why?
Application Help School is opened in the early years until the end of February. If the application until after the date the application for admission will be saved for next year.
12. I have requested assistance Living. But I do not qualify. Why?
Living Assistance Scheme is to veterans or dependents who earn less than the poverty line level, defective or permanent disability or under the category of the elderly who have no regular income.
13. I have received first aid check of Living Assistance from JHEV. I do not understand what my actions further.
After receiving first aid check from JHEV, the receiver should send a letter and a copy of the acknowledgment receipt of check books (BSN or Affin only) to the nearest Branch of State JHEV or sent directly to the Division of Welfare JHEV, Kuala Lumpur.
This is to enable the Welfare JHEV to update our recipients in the recipient list. Through this, the assistance will be included on a monthly basis into the recipient's account.
14. Who can apply?
Veterans ATM (ATM permanent members, the British Army, Force 136, the Sarawak Rangers and former Territorial Army who deployed full-time) (at least 1 year);
Veteran's widow ATM;
Children - orphans ATM Veterans aged 18 years and below or until the end of the first degree level continuously.
They are laid on top of disciplinary cases;
Wife who married after the service, including liability.