LTAT Contribution

Withdrawal of Contribution to Armed Forces Fund Board (LTAT) for retired officer and completing their service.

Are you eligible?

The following officer are eligible to receive LTAT Contribution:

  • Other Ranks Officers (LLP) with no pension will be paid combination of members' and government contributions including any annual dividend announced.
  • LLP with pension will be paid members' contributions including any annual dividend announced.
  • Officer that opt for voluntary contributions will be paid members' contributions including any annual dividend announced when they stopped contributing.
  • Beneficiary/next of kin are eligible to receive the contributions if members pass away.

LTAT Contribution is not eligible for :

  • Officers that did not contribute to Armed Forces Board Fund (LTAT)

About LTAT Contribution

LLP are required to contribute 10% of their monthly salary to LTAT with the government contributing another 15%. The total amount credited monthly is equivalent to 25% of the monthly salary.

Voluntary Contributors are officers in the Armed Forces including commissioned officers and mobilised members of the volunteer forces with a minimum contribution of RM25.00 at a multiple of RM5.00 to a maximum of RM2,000.00 monthly. There will be no contributions from the government for voluntary contributors. All contributions including the annual announced dividend will be paid when officers stopped contributing.

LTAT will pay any annual dividend towards the contributions.

When can a contribution be withdrawn?

Accoding to section 12 of LTAT Act 101, contribution for compulsory contributors may only be withdrawn upon :

  • death of the contributor ; or
  • One month after the contributor has been discharged/retired from service ; or
  • Reach 50 years of age.

For voluntary contributors, withdrawals can be made at any time and they are given the flexibility to become a member for the second time though has made the first withdrawal. However, under Section 15B, the contributors can also withdraw some of the contributions to purchase immovable property.


Bilakah Caruman LTAT dibayar

When members are eligible to withdraw their contributions, the amount will be paid as a lump sum after LTAT receive all documents required. Payment will be made within 24 hours after LTAT receiving all documents required from MAF Payroll Department (UGAT).

Payment method

Contributions will be credited to Veteran's bank account or beneficiary/next of kin's bank account if members pass away.

How to apply?

Read Retirement Officers Documentation Responsibility.

Process for beneficiaries/next of kin to withdraw contributions (for members that pass away)

Beneficiaries or next of kin can apply for the contribution withdrawal with the following documents:

  • LTAT/PWCA/14-2/2 form (Borang Kenyataan Waris) available from LTAT counters or LTAT website at
  • Attach a copy of Identity Card of next of kin/beneficiaries and other related documents.

Need help?

Please note that all withdrawal contribution is managed by Armed Forces Board Fund (LTAT). You could contact LTAT directly at:

Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera
Bangunan LTAT,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Peti Surat 11542,
50748 Kuala Lumpur
LTAT website
Phone number (hotline):
03-2071 5731
Waktu Operasi : Monday to Thursday
Phone number (office):
03-2148 9777



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