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Active in Veteran Association

Find out the process to establish a veteran association and the list of existing veteran associations.

Veteran Act 2012

Read Veteran Act 2012

Association Registration Process

In general, registration of veteran association involves :

  • Establishing Headquarters.

    Completing Form 3 alongside the following attachment :

    • Association Constitution
    • List of Committee Members
    • Minute Meeting signed by 2 committee members
    • Address Use Authorisation Letter (if applicable)
    • Postal Order RM100.
  • Establishing Branches

    Completing Form 7 alongside the following attachment :

    • Copy of association bank statement
    • Constitution if it's different from headquarters
    • Postal Order RM50.
  • Veteran Registration.

    Using Form 1 and submit to Jabatan Arah Rekod dan Pencen Markas ATM.

Completed applications need to be sent to any JHEV Offices. JHEV Branch will review the application and forwarded to JHEV Headquarters for the next process.

Need help? Help is here.

Please visit JHEV Main Office or any of Branches closest to you, alternatively please contact us on 03-2050 8000

List of Veteran Association

Until 31 December 2018, there are 141 headquarters association and 329 branches registered under JHEV totalling to 470 registered associations.

View registered Veteran Association list.