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Duty injury causing disability

Find out process and benefit available to Veterans injured during duty and become disable.

Regular Forces

Regular Forces

What is Disability Benefit?

Disability Benefit is a benefit payable to army officers that injured permanently during duty subject to the following conditions:

  • Disability related to duty.
  • Disability verified by Medical Committee and Determination of Cause Committee(LPS)
  • Benefit will cease when receiver passes away
  • Benefit will be based on Disability Level determined by LPS.

Officers are also eligible to receive other benefits under Regular Officers Rule (Pension, Remuneration and Other Benefits) 1982 subject to stated conditions.

Disability Level Assessment

The following are conditions for disability during service:

  • Assessment and verification of disability are performed by Determination Cause Committee (LPS) in Health Services Section (BPK).
  • All new application or eligibility review for army officers are thru Jabatan Arah Rekod dan Pencen (JRP).
  • All veteran applications will need to go thru MAF JHEV.
  • Reassessment may happen if Veteran's injury are getting worse.

19% and below Disability

Officers with Disability 19% and below are eligible to receive:

20% Disability

Officers with Disability 20% are eligible to receive:

21% and above Disability

Officers with Disability 21% and above are eligible to receive:

100% Disability

Officers with 100% Disability are eligible to receive:

Injury during duty before 2001

If you're injured prior to year 2001, you're eligible for the following benefit:

Non-duty related Disability

Officers are not eligible to receive any benefits if the disability is a non-duty related disability.