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When you pass away (Officer)

Find out benefits and assistance that dependant can receive if an officer pass away during service.

Dependant Definition

Dependant is :

  • Widow or widower 
    with valid marriage according to Malaysian law.
  • Child
    Up to 21 years old or until graduated with first bachelor; or married. If the child is physically or mentally disabled; they're are eligible for life.
  • Mother or father
    irrespective of age that in need of financial help*

* Financial status of mother or father will be determined by a report thru Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat/Pegawai Memerintah.

Death RELATED to duty

Some examples of type of death that can be related to duty are following :

  • Caused by official duty, or practice, or operational duty
  • Caused by accident during the journey to or from duty - using the usual route
  • Caused by disease from routine duty at work

Benefits for death RELATED to duty are : 

Death UNRELATED to duty

Some examples of death unrelated to duty :

  • Accident during leave/inactive
  • Diseases related

Payable benefits for death unrelated to duty

* whichever with higher amount

Ineligible death situation

Death that happened when absent without leave or neglecting duty is not eligible for any benefit except:

Team responsibilities in documenting death (during service)

The team is responsible to send documents passing of an officer to JRP the following documents :

  • Declare to PERBAH Dua death case, burial and corpse claim.
  • Post Mortem Report or Medical Report (if there are no reports, Ruling Officer/Ruler will have to verify)
  • Police Report.
  • Personal documents.
  • Copy of letter of condolences
  • List of wealth that was returned to Next of Kin.
  • Non-Liability Of Indebtness Certificate.
  • Obtaining the following documents from the dependant :
    • Copy of Dependant Identity Card
    • Copy of Officer's Death Certificate
    • Copy of the children Identity Card or Birth Certificate
    • Copy of Marriage Certificate / Divorce Letter (if divorced)
    • Letter of Custodyfrom Notary, Court, Kadhi Office (if divorced or the children is under someone else's custody)
    • JPA/PEN/SPB1 form that is verified by Bank Officer
    • Copy of Bank Account Book

Medical Document (BAT F 4) and its content must be hand over directly to  BPK for LPS verification.