Cash Award In Lieu Accumulated Leave(FGCR) will be paid to the officer and LLP members that complete their service; or to dependant if officer pass away during service.

Are you eligible?

The following officer is eligible for FGCR:

  • Regular Commissioned Officer that reach voluntary or compulsory retirement age or with at least 20 years of verified service record (subject to MAT approval).
  • Short Term Commissioned Officer that retires according to Regular Commissioned Officer Compulsory Age
  • Other Ranks Officers with at least 21 years of verified service.
  • Regular Commissioned Officer, Short Term Commissioned Officer, Other Ranks Officer that retire due to medical reason verified by Medical Committee as “Unfit”.
  • Regular Commissioned Officer that retires with verified service record of less than 20 years (subject to MAT approval).
  • Short Term Commissioned Officer that complete the service according to Service Expiration date.
  • Other Ranks Officers with verified service record at least 8 years and less than 21 years.
  • Dependant of an officer that pass away during service

You're not eligible to receive FGCR if you:

  • Sentenced to prison.
  • Concealed facts.

About  (FGCR)

FGCR is a benefit paid in cash. It is paid as a lump sum to replace the accumulated annual leave balance that the officer couldn't use due to duty calls.(maximum of 150 days).

FGCR is paid when an officer completes their service according to Service Expiration date or an officer passes away during service (paid to dependant).

FGCR Calculation

  • FGCR is calculated based on:
    1/30 x Total Eligible Days x Real Rank Final Salary + regular incentive* = FGCR

    * Includes Allowances i.e Regular Service, Entertainment, and Housing. JUSA Allowance is included for Major General and above.

When will FGCR paid?

FGCR is paid as a lump sum when eligible officer completed their service.

Payment method

FGCR will be credited directly to Veteran's bank account or dependant's bank account if officer passes away during service.

How to apply?

Read Retirement Officers Documentation Responsibility.

For dependant (if an officer passes away during service):

  • [update is coming soon]

Need help?

Please note that pension application and remuneration are administered by Jabatan Arah Rekod dan Pencen(JRP), MAFHQ. You could contact JRP directly at:

Jabatan Arah Rekod dan Pencen
Markas Angkatan Tentera Malaysia
Kementerian Pertahanan
Jalan Padang Tembak
50634 Kuala Lumpur
Phone no:
03-2071 5731


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