Funeral Assistance (Child)

Financial assistance for the funeral of Non-pensionable MAF Veteran's child(ren).

Are you eligible?

  • Non-pensionable MAF Veteran or spouse
  • Or widow/er to Non-pensionable MAF Veteran
  • Or guardian to MAF Veteran's child(ren)
  • The passing child is under 18 years old or student under 21 years
  • The passing child is of marriage during service or recorded in service book (for stepchild or adopted child)
  • There is no age limit for disabled child - verified disabled before age of 18. Please attach Disability Card from Community Welfare Department.
  • This assistance is for passing from 10 October 2010 onwards
  • Application must be submitted within one (1) year of the passing date. Application submitted after this period will not be processed.

About Assistance

Financial assistance managed by MAF Veteran Foundation to help with funeral charges incurred for Non-pensionable MAF Veteran's child(ren).

Assistance Rate

The assistance will be a once-off RM1500. It is paid to the following next of kin in charge of the funeral :

Cases Payable to
Child with any parents (MAF Veteran or spouse)
MAF Veteran or spouse - please produce statutory declaration
Double Orphaned Child of MAF Veteran
Guardian in charge of funeral payment - please produce statutory declaration

Payment method

The following explains the payment method :

  • Payment will be processed by MAF Veteran Foundation
  • Payment will be credited to nominated bank account in the application.
  • Application submitted with complete required documents at MAF Veteran Foundation will take 30 days to process from the date received.

How to apply?

  • Download and complete the form:
    Borang Permohonan Bantuan Menguruskan Jenazah (Veteran Tidak Berpencen) - BMJ 01-Pin.2018
  • Attach the following documents:
    • Copy of Death Certificate / Burial Permit
    • Copy of Ex-Army Card / Army Service Record Book (BAT D 86 / 92) - must include each pages.
    • Copy of applicant's Identity Card.
    • Copy of applicant's Bank Account.
    • Copy of Deceased Birth Certificate
    • Copy of Study Admittance Record (for child between 18 to 21 years old)
    • Statutory Declaration per Attachment A in the form

    Note: All copies of documents must be certified

  • Submit application at MAF Veteran Foundation Office or any JHEV Offices

Need help?

MAF Veteran Foundation manage burial process financial assistance. However, you could contact any JHEV Offices for queries or the Foundation directly at:

Yayasan Veteran ATM
Tingkat 20, Menara TH Perdana,
Kementerian Pertahanan
1001, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone no:
03-2050 8191 / 8194


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Additional Information

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