School and Vocational Assistance Scheme

Financial assistance for underprivileged MAF Veteran's children education in primary and secondary level.

Are you eligible?

  • MAF Veteran* :
    • Ex regular force of the Malaysian Armed Forces
    • Ex-British Forces who served in Malaya, Malaysia or Singapore, and Sarawak Rangers
    • ex Force 136 and Territorial Army Regiment who was ordered to serve full time

    * irrespective to the duration of service

  • Age limit for Veteran are :
    • 45 years old with Poverty Income Line negative below RM300; with exception of disability/ail
  • Not discharged on grounds of misconduct.
  • Widow to MAF Veteran where marriage take place during service (no age limit).
  • MAF Veteran orphans under 18 years old
  • Eligible for one child per family

About Assistance

This scheme aims to fund underprivileged MAF Veteran's children for their primary and secondary school based on the Poverty Income Line mentioned above.

Application is open all year round.

Assistance Rate

  • RM500 per year for primary school
  • RM700 per year for secondary school and national vocational college

Application requirement

  • Application must be submitted within 1 year of schooling
  • Spouse income and contribution from children will be taken into account in Family Income calculation.

How to apply?

  • Download and complete the form:
    Borang Permohonan Bantuan Kebajikan (JHEV.BK.2019)
  • Application form must be filled by the applicant or next of kin. All statements and details provided must be accurate, honest, and true. Applicant is responsible for all the information given.
  • All applications must be submitted via JHEV office at any Branches closest to where the applicant resides.
  • Application will be checked to verify all the information given and will be considered for approval by the panel in JHEV Committee for Welfare and Education (JKKP)
  • JHEV Welfare Application Review System
    Check your application status

Need help? Help is here.

Please visit JHEV Main Office or any of Branches closest to you, alternatively please contact us on 03-2050 8000


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Additional Information

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