Kidney Disease Treatment

Financial assistance for Veteran to receive treatment for kidney related disease

Are you eligible?

Ex-MAF Officers

  • served at least 3 years with Malaysian Armed Forces
  • served & mobilised full time at least 1 year with MAF Reserve Army

Non-MAF Officers

  • Force 136
  • British Army served in Malaya/Singapore ;
  • Sarawak Rangers

Dependant (of ex-MAF Officers)

  • Wife/Husband legally married and registered during service. Spouse name is also recorded in Service Acknowledgement Book and Veteran Card.
  • Wife/Husband legally married during retirement is eligible for treatment benefit as long as Veteran is alive or 20 years from retirement date if Veteran passes away.
  • Veteran's dependant includes their children, stepchildren, adopted children, and illegitimate children and are being cared full time by MAF Veteran. Their age must be:
    • Under 18 years old
    • Under 21 years old for student
    • No age limit for disable/poor/intellectual disability children. If the child was born normal and afflicted with disability(due to accident, high fever etc) before reaching 18 years old, Veteran must obtain supporting document i.e registration or verification from Social Welfare Department(JKM) and verification from any government doctors that the disability is permanent. 

Dependant (of non-ex-MAF Officers)

  • Wife/Husband

Who is not eligible?

  • Officers that were discharged due to misconduct e.g
    • ex MAF Officer discharged under Rule 49(l) – ‘Postponing Nonessential Services’ in Army and Air Force (Terms of Service) Regulation, 1961.
    • ex MAF Officer retired under Rule 20(2)(f), (g) and (h) to PPAT 1982 includes Section 9 (Cancellation of Commission) to Armed Forces Act 1972.
  • Ex MAF Reserve Officer that was not mobilised full time.

About Benefit Faedah

Financial assistance to receive treatment for End Stage Renal Failure including haemodialysis and medication, eprex/recormin injection also disposables items for Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) will be considered if :

  • Nephrology Specialist in Public Hospital verified the need and validated that the Public or Military Hospital was not able to facilitate it.
  • Expenses for haemodialysis is based on actual treatment cost, limited up to RM200 for each dialysis session (up to 3 sessions per week). Medication obtained or tests ran at a private health institution will not be considered if the same is available at a public hospital.
  • Expenses for Arterio-Venous Fistula (AVF)/Internal Jugular Catheters (IJC).
  • Application for surgery cost AVF/IJC at private health institution may be considered if a Nephrology Specialist from Public Hospital referred patients for AVF surgery with the following conditions:
    • Excessive Delay whilst waiting for AVF/IJC surgery
    • AVF/IJC first surgery was unsuccessful
    • No Vascular Specialist in Public or Military Hospital.
  • Dispense of Erythropoietin/ Recormon to patients may be covered by Government (up to 2 times per week) if patients in need of Eprex/Recormon more than stipulated limit.
  • Justification letter from Nephrology Specialist

How to apply?

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Need help?

Our staff JHEV in Headquarters or State office is ready to help you or please contact us on 03-2050 8000


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Additional Information

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